It’s the Process

Sometimes the process is more important than the results. I was down to my last sheet of paper on my watercolor block. For those of you who have never used watercolor blocks before, they are really useful. All four sides of a pad of paper are attached to the ones below it, except for one place […]

First Attempt

Here I begin a series of occasional posts about my attempts to gather my thoughts, photographs and writing into a coherent narrative about my relationship with my older autistic brother and my family. Facing such a task can be overwhelming: Thoughts can be muddled, photography skills may not be up to par; even the statement of […]

Processing Time

Arrival We arrived very late. I appreciated the humor of the Southwest Airlines crew, but I am glad that it was a relatively short flight. I had traveled the New Jersey Turnpike to where my mother lived, many times before, but rarely in the dead of night, and even more rarely in a cab or […]

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