Electrification Project

I noticed the draped electrical cord outside the window. I took this photo at Christmastime. It illustrates one of the techniques used to connect decorative lighting to a power source.  I liked the curve of the wires and the fact that it was visually contained in a grid of sorts. The images in each cell […]

People Waiting for Doctor Appointments

Sketching people in the waiting room is a crap shoot. One never knows when the subject will be called into the inner sanctum. Therefore one must draw the essential elements as quickly as possible, for example, the angle of the elbow; tilt of the head; the distribution of weight and so on.Static details such as […]

Man with Eye Shade and Wild Hair

We frequently have return visitors to the cafe. I have encountered this man before. He loves to read. I was about to draw his shirt when another customer placed her knapsack directly in my way. This visual element certainly changed the overall design of this sketch.

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