Bandaged Mike

Yesterday’s vintage photograph of my brother Mike* in bandages was rather dramatic.  He was in the midst of one of his stereotypical gestures (elbowing himself in the chest) as I snapped the picture. But, as with most photographs, that one did not tell the whole story about Mike in his bandages. I visited Mike in […]


I just got back from the doctor.  He told me, “It doesn’t take a football injury for people like you and me to get hurt,” or something to that effect. For the record, I am probably at least 15 years older than my doc. He is diplomatic. It happened in the bookstore at The Grove, down […]

Everybody Loves Michael

Mike was a very popular guy when I used to visit him in his group home. I imagine that he still is. Pretty good for a guy who doesn’t talk. When I lived close by, I frequently got calls about Mike’s condition, usually if he had a seizure or a cut or a bruise.  He […]

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