Science Fiction Cloud

By the time I got outside to snap a photo of this cloud, it changed from its original representation of a nerve synapse. The gap between the two aerial nerves collapsed to yield the elongated shape with corrugations in its midsection. It became an amorphous space ship looking for a place to land.  

Nerve Ending

This free form gradually coalesced into the form the end of a nerve’s axon. The business end, which transmits its information across a gap (the synapse) to the next nerve cell body. The splatters are the neurotransmitters, released into this space. These transmitters act on the next cell to change its membrane  properties to make […]

Overlaid Inscribed Figure

Today’s watercolor experiment: I sidetracked myself from reading Kandinsky. I am a slow but thorough reader and Kandinsky requires slow going. I was itching to actually paint something, so I revisited my effort to depict reading of a contact sheet. After attaching watercolor paper to my drawing board, I drew a 6×6 grid of rectangles […]