Night Lot

In many of my previous posts I’ve examined minute details of parking lots, particularly the painted areas (see Painted Pavement, Derelict Parking Lot, New Board Game, Flag of an Unknown Country, Parking Lot Photography, Craggy Lines).

During daylight hours, any photograph of a parking area (unless it is a structure) is not about the lot itself but the surroundings and the vehicles parked thereon.  But nighttime changes that relationship. First, many parking lots are empty at night. Light poles serve as pedestals for illumination which reflects a limited area of the pavement.

Photography: Night Lot 092117

Night Lot

Although I arranged that the trees show between the two light sources, the parking lot is the main subject of this photo.

There are two bright spots at the bottom left of the picture. If I had taken this photo with a single lens camera, I would see a hexagonal flare of light. The two artifacts above result from the construction of my phone camera.

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