Central Park Reservoir

I’m not sure why my photograph of the South Gate House at the Central Park Reservoir is so off balance. I would bet that I could not get back far enough, with the lens I was using, to get a better picture.  The beauty of sketching is, one can invent what one can’t see.

Photograph: Central Park Reservoir Building

Central Park Reservoir House

I made two pen and ink drawings of this building:

Pen and Ink: Sketches of Central Park Reservoir House

First Stage Central Park Reservoir House
Pen and Ink Sketches

In previous posts, working with grayscale watercolor pencils, I played with pen and ink shading as compared with grayscale (Tunnel, Grayscale Tunnel) and pen and ink shading overlaid with gray watercolors (Grayscale Doors).

Since I have began with a color photograph, I used colored watercolor pencils to complete the drawing on the left-hand side. I tried salvaging the drawing on the right-hand side with pen and ink.

Pen and Inked Drawings, Left Colored with Wash Pencils

Second Stage – Central Park Reservoir House
Left Image watercolor penciled; Right image pen & inked

I like the drawing on the left side best.

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