Her Master’s Voice

I used to have quite a number of old fashion record players. I suppose that the all are old fashioned at this point, but what I mean is I had players that unleashed the sound of the 1/4″ thick Edison Records and cylinders from the turn of the last century. I had crank-activated Victrolas – one with 14 feet of horn curled up inside the console. I had records as well…  but this is a different story.

I had two kitties when I lived by myself in New York City in the 1990s. Since I was a first-time cat owner, I wanted to get cats whose behavior would be as predictable as possible. I opted for pure bred. I got a Russian Blue and an Abyssinian (of course they had to be color coordinated). I wanted two cats, so they could keep each other company when I was away.  I thought all a cat needed was another cat for company. It turns out that they couldn’t stand each other.  But I digress, once again.

Below is my Hidey when she was a youngster. I took many, many pictures of her to get the appropriate pose. I was trying to copy the RCA Victor, His Master’s Voice icon featuring Nipper the dog.

Photograph: My Cat and Cylinder Player

Her Master’s Voice

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