Autumn Again

I liked the look of this leaf. It reminded me that fall is coming. There are no masses of leafy trees out here, so we don’t experience striking colors as do people in New England. It is even possible that this leaf could have been left over from last fall. Or the dry weather could […]

Street Smart Leaves

These three leaves (plus one baby leaf) stood out to me. It was late in the day and the sun brought out their tenderness and their toughness. They must have been tough to avoid the street sweeper. People must have sensed that about them as well. Their intactness testifies to the fact that no one dared […]


When I have no dream images to figure out how to paint, when I have to change my subject matter to portray because it has become too emotionally difficult to handle (my autistic brother Mike), I don’t know to paint. I need to paint. I found a solution today. Today’s watercolor experiment: I am attracted to visually […]

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