Dark Grey Clouds with Bright Spot and Tiny Bird on Left

This photo does not exactly embody to the ‘decisive moment‘ concept as initiated by Henri Cartier Bresson. In fact I didn’t see the birdie until after I snapped the picture. I like the drama in the rest of the photo.

Bikon and Self Portrait

I could not resist putting myself in this snapshot. To tell the truth, it was nearly impossible to keep the camera shadow out of the shot. However, a good photograph is in part, about photography, about the photographer and of course, about the subject. In portraiture, there is interaction between the photographer and the person […]

Re-Inspection of Time

Contact Sheets Most of my experience with photography hails from the days of film. Back then, the only way to inspect the time sequence of photos at a glance, was to look at a contact sheet. A contact sheet is a single sheet of paper that contains all the images from a roll of film. This is quite […]