Checking In On Arthur

Those of you just joining me may not know that I have a pet avocado plant that I named Arthur. I had a difficult time getting him off the bottle he was sprouted on. It seemed that when I transplanted him the first time, I had the wrong kind of dirt (who knew?).  So I […]

When in Doubt

The muse must be on summer break.  There’s no other way to explain the dearth of inspiration. However at times like these, I have a go-to fallback position: paint or draw my workspace. Why just sit there and strain, when I could just practice painting what I see? Today’s experiment: After thumbing through some watercolor […]

Slight Road Trip

We attended a ‘celebration of life’ today. It was sad for those who knew the man that died, one of Joy’s cousin’s exes. Everyone was supposed to come in casual attire; he was a surfer – until the very end. His last heart attack was on his surf board. I met the man once or twice […]

Addition to Simple Flower

Yesterday’s experiment was to paint a simple pink flower. When I took the picture, I noticed that the leaf was equally as stunning in its almost black-and-white coloration. Today’s experiment I decided that I would like to add that leaf to the pink flower. Here is the photo of the entire leaf: But a second photo shows the […]

Single Dragonfruit

There were still a few dragonfruits (DF)  left when I went back to the fruit store. I chose the smallest, good looking one, as they are super expensive (and sold by the pound). When I searched for ‘dragonfruit’, Wikipedia yielded the page for Pitaya.  ” ‘Pitaya’ usually refers to fruit of the genus Stenocereus, while ‘Pitahaya’ or ‘Dragonfruit’ always refers […]