The Muses

Musical notation is written on paper that has rows of grouped parallel lines. Five lines in each group. A spot (which may or may not have a staff) on a line is a note whose duration depends upon whether it is hollow, its grouping with other spots and the number of flags on its staff. […]

When in Doubt

The muse must be on summer break.  There’s no other way to explain the dearth of inspiration. However at times like these, I have a go-to fallback position: paint or draw my workspace. Why just sit there and strain, when I could just practice painting what I see? Today’s experiment: After thumbing through some watercolor […]

Still Waiting

Potential muses Well, inspiration didn’t come knocking today as I hoped it would.  There are some potential muses on the horizon, so to speak. Out of five avocado pits, two of them sprouted a root (one each). I kept one in water and planted the other in a small pot. Oh, and by the way, […]