Project: Preparations for Opening an Etsy Shop (1)

Posts in this new series will detail my preparations for opening a shop on the Etsy platform. I envision that it will accomplish several things: 1) enable me to share my art; 2) help me to reduce the inventory of art currently housed in my apartment, while; 3) making money. My short term goal is […]

Newspaper Barrel

I don’t remember where I was in NYC when I took the photo below. I used to roam all over the place looking for interesting things. I think this would have worked in black and white as well, but color adds a new dimension.  The color image of this refuse staging area is the only portrayal […]

Side Street

When I lived in NYC, I wandered around the streets, usually with my camera loaded with black and white film.  I had loaded my mind with some of the classic photos of old and, in some cases, even tried to find the addresses of some of the doors photographed by Minor White and photographers of […]

Atlantis Building Graffiti

Coney Island, in Brooklyn NY, is a wonderful place especially in the off season. The boardwalk was virtually deserted in the photograph below.  I was photographing the shuttered Atlantis Building, when I caught the shadow of a passerby who was about to enter the scene. The shadow seemed to integrate with the graffiti, except for a […]

The Thing About Bricks

This is the latest entry in continuing saga of  slowing….  down… my…    process…   of …… watercolor….  painting. Remember yesterday when I said  couldn’t see myself painting each and every brick in the Bowie & Weatherford Inc. Booksellers building?  Well I did see myself doing that exact thing today. Correction: I didn’t paint each and […]