Project: Preparations for Opening an Etsy Shop (1)

Posts in this new series will detail my preparations for opening a shop on the Etsy platform. I envision that it will accomplish several things: 1) enable me to share my art; 2) help me to reduce the inventory of art currently housed in my apartment, while; 3) making money.

My short term goal is to have my shop set up by January 2022. By that time I will have: 1) my shop name; 2) back story (aka) artist’s statement; 3) an inventory of paintings and photographs to sell; 4) decided on options to offer for the artwork (i.e., matted/unmatted; print/original; other options of which I am unaware at present).

Below is one of my inventory of four different photographs taken on the Coney Island Boardwalk in the winter of 1991. Each is 20×16″ and hand printed by me. This particular photo will be available as an unmatted 16×20 photo or in a white mat, backed with foam core, ready for a 24×18″ frame.

I welcome any feedback you may wish to give.

Thank you!


Atlantis, Coney Island Boardwalk, NYC Winter 1991
Atlantis, Coney Island Boardwalk, NYC Winter 1991
Vintage Photography
20″x16″ Color Photographic Print

2 thoughts on “Project: Preparations for Opening an Etsy Shop (1)

  1. Good luck! (Speaking as someone who totally failed at etsy) I would love to see you make postcards of your photos. I can’t fit another piece of art on my walls, but I send out lots of postcards.(K)

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