Splat with Indistinct Borders

I was thinking about how difficult it might be to excise a tumor with indistinct borders. I splatted several brush fulls of paint on the canvas and tried to outline each drip with an ink pen. I kept thinking that if I missed one, it could be fatal.  I’m glad I’m not a surgeon.  

Science Fiction Cloud

By the time I got outside to snap a photo of this cloud, it changed from its original representation of a nerve synapse. The gap between the two aerial nerves collapsed to yield the elongated shape with corrugations in its midsection. It became an amorphous space ship looking for a place to land.  

Vivid Sky

Today’s watercolor experiment: I’m still interested in the amorphous formations of clouds in the sky. However, instead of drawing or painting specifically shaped cloud objects, I am allowing the watercolors to be watercolors and let them flow, mix, bloom with the addition of diluted color or clear water, and blot with the touch of a […]

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