Color Matching

Yesterday I was able to articulate the next hurdle for me to conquer in watercolor painting: matching colors of real objects with colors on my palette. Today’s watercolor experiment: Before I started painting with watercolors, I procrastinated by painting many color strips. I made one for each of the colors in my paint box. Yes, […]

Three Apples

Yesterday I skipped the apple lesson in my new watercolor instruction book (You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons by Yuko Nagayama) because the ones around the house were not in the best shape. I bought about a half-dozen apples today. Today’s watercolor experiment: I selected three different kinds of apples for my study. One of […]

Back to Basics

It is almost fruit season out here in California. By that I mean painting fruit in watercolors. My wife got me a book about how to paint vibrant watercolor and I am starting from the beginning. Well, almost the beginning. The first chapter was about how to paint an apple. One of the interesting steps […]

Persimmon Leaves

I’m taking a sabbatical from my fig leaf renderings for a bit (see Fall Fig Leaves and Fallen Fig Leaf), but not from leaves altogether. The persimmon tree in the next yard extends several branches above the fence, into our yard. We get the leaves and our choice of the fruit that hangs over. When the fruit […]

Kiwi From Another Planet

I ended up throwing the decaying kiwi away shortly after I sketched it. But I had another one that I sketched on one or two occasions; I wanted to see what it looked like inside. Today’s study I was fairly certain that this kiwi was not grown near a nuclear plant, but rather was an alien. It must […]

Under the Wire

Today was another busy day. I was busy for hours longer than I thought I would be, although there was no emergency like the other day, when we had to go to the hospital.  It is enough to say that the 8 hour job for which I was hired, turned into a 14 hour day. Not that […]

Dragonfruit Unchained

Today I took the next logical step with my dragonfruit. I split it open. To tell you the truth, I knew what to expect. Before I ever saw a dragonfruit in person, I searched for a picture of it on the Internet. I was only expecting to see an outside view, but there it was, split […]


As promised, today’s fruit is papaya. I never realized that a papaya had so many seeds. I imagine it is in the melon family, because the inside is arranged just like a cantaloupe’s insides. It also smells funky. Nothing I can put my finger on, but the first image that came to my mind (or […]

Working Up To It

Most still lifes have a collection of fruit, or vegetables, or dead rabbits, dead fish or any combination of them. I suppose the prerequisite for a still life is that the objects once had to be alive. Having not yet delved into the history of painting of ‘still lifes’, I am curious to know the […]