Memories of Michael: Mike in the Grocery Store (1992)

I remember how surprised I was when Mike was taken, along with his fellow residents, to a grocery store. At this point, I wasn’t familiar with the activities the group home management provided to their charges.

Where the Yogurt Lives

My hand is generally the only part of my body that ventures into the yogurt enclosure. This day, struggling to get the straggling peach one in the back row, my head entered the sanctum. A brief glance to the side showed me the natural environment of the yogurt containers as they await sale. They commune […]

It’s Personal

I don’t know why, but the sign below struck me as funny. I’ve always thought of watermelons as very sociable fruit. They are present at picnics and are constituent parts of fruit salads, ubiquitous at family gatherings. It would be unsettling for someone to sneak off to a remote area of the picnic grounds to munch […]

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