It’s Personal

I don’t know why, but the sign below struck me as funny. I’ve always thought of watermelons as very sociable fruit. They are present at picnics and are constituent parts of fruit salads, ubiquitous at family gatherings. It would be unsettling for someone to sneak off to a remote area of the picnic grounds to munch on his or her own personal watermelon, wouldn’t it? Or to take your personal (5 pound) watermelon to your room for a snack.

I thought that grocery store management made up the sign below, to compensate for being last stop on the watermelon delivery truck route. Obviously all the stores before it got the big ones.  But I looked up ‘personal watermelons’ on the internet and found that this undersized fruit was developed on purpose. It even bears a Latin name: Cirtrullus lanatus.

Photograph: Bin with Personal Watermelons

Personal Watermelon

I still think the entire concept is oxymoronic.

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