Abstract 062415

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today I wanted to concentrate on building a composition that would have some depth. Yesterday’s study was fun to do, and exercised my imagination, but it was flat. Process: I began by sketching several pencil marks. I used my non-dominant hand, the left, to try breaking the monotony of the curves produced […]

Abstract 52515

Today’s watercolor experiment: I had nothing in mind to paint today. When that happens, I get my inspiration by just getting started. Sometimes I do this by dipping my brush in a color that suits my fancy and stroking it across the paper. Perhaps the color or the shape of the stroke will inspire my next […]

On Target

Today’s watercolor experiment: I like texture. The other day I added texture by mechanical means: my safety razor. I thought I could give my rough-textured paper a clean shave, but the edge just kept skipping around, creating parallel gouges. Today I started my study using a dry brush. I’m back to my old habit of arced […]

Close Shave

Today’s watercolor experiment: I don’t know when the idea occurred to me. It was some time after I started using the rough-surfaced watercolor block. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a surface that was both rough and smooth in places?” I probably thought of this while I was shaving. I use an old fashioned […]

Earth Tone Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: My two previous foray’s into earth-tone paintings were a bit drab and monotonous; I’m not even going to provide links to them. If you really want to see them they both were posted within the past couple of days. Today, I started with my usual soaked paper and laid down some of the […]


A few days, I was enchanted by the edges of moth wings. I got as close as I could with my phone/camera and tried to zoom in. I wanted to enlarge the interesting patterns. I didn’t do much preparation aside from an attempt to draw the wing segments in as symmetric a manner as possible. This […]

Earth Tones and Unsaturated Colors

I had a bit of a hard time figuring out how to put the earth tone colors in order. I had to disassemble my color strip book and remove those colors so I wouldn’t be confused by the more saturated paints. The problem I started today’s experiment with the idea of playing with unsaturated colors. […]