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Instead of drawing my back yard for the fourth time (Back Yard, Back Yard Take 2, Trying to Understand Cézanne), I just put brush to paper and started with a random stroke.

Today’s experiment:

I started with a blue streak. I recently purchased paints made with honey! (Yeah bees!) This particular color is cerulean blue deep. I tried blending in white to model the initial angled, darker blue brush stroke. The orange form came next. Again, I tried blending to obtain a three-dimensional impression. The third form I worked on was supposed to be a yellow cone. Instead of blending to white, I tried to blend to black. Yellow can be very persnickety when mixed with black. It doesn’t take much black to change the color radically.

I laid down a jagged blue contour on the lower right of the picture frame. The red sphere that I modeled on top of the contour reminded me of a crystal ball. This has meaning to me since I’m hoping that there is a trip to NYC in the future.

Finally, I partially outlined the shapes. I wasn’t certain what the effect would be, but I think it works to organize the canvas.

Watercolor Sketch - Abstract: Spheres

Crystal Ball
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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