Undated Portrait of My Brother

I was hoping to get some insight about portrait painting. I recalled that Picasso and Portraiture was chock full of interesting articles. When I opened it up, one of my old sketches fell out.  This is a portrait of my older brother Mike. Mike is low functioning and autistic and nonverbal and now resides in a geriatric group home.  I guess that this sketch is about 7-8 years old; I have never published it. It is pretty rough. I have done dozens of rougher portraits of him: Abstract Portrait, Now What?, Under the Influence, Under Observation, Returning to Mike, but I had a very emotional response to this one. It must have been my state of mind, but my first thought upon seeing this sketch was, it was a self portrait. I felt the way this portrait looks.

Pencil Sketch: Portrait - Undated Portrait of My Brother

Undated Portrait of My Brother
Pencil Sketch
Drawing Paper ~9×12″

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