Baby Michael, Alone from ‘My Brother Michael’

The scrapbook itself ends abruptly. Nothing after 1950.  I imagine that my mother and my father were just too busy taking care of Mike.  I ended this section with a snapshot from that era, of my big brother Mike by himself.  This is the essence of autism: alone-ness. It is so hard to understand.

Page Facing Baby Michael, Alone; from Brother Michael Book

Black Page Facing Baby Michael, Alone

Mike Book: 014 pg 19 Baby Alone 08012020

Baby Michael, Alone
My Brother Michael Book

[Note: I scheduled the initial ‘My Brother Michael’ posts more than a month ago, in preparation for our move to Los Angeles. The move is complete but the aftermath of boxes everywhere and the newness of everything has left me a bit unsettled. Fortunately, I photographed a number of pages of my book before the move, so I can bank on those while I’m getting settled.  So, apologies if the continuity of the book is off at this point.

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