The Shadows Know

I took this shot many years ago. Usually, I recognize my own photos immediately. In this case however I was disoriented by the shapes of the entangled shadows. I must have been concentrating on the pedestrians who were blocking the light. I love photos that have more than one thing to say.

Newspaper Barrel

I don’t remember where I was in NYC when I took the photo below. I used to roam all over the place looking for interesting things. I think this would have worked in black and white as well, but color adds a new dimension.  The color image of this refuse staging area is the only portrayal […]


One of my hopes as a street photographer was to emulate the work of early photographers such as Walker Evans, in capturing enigmatic faces of subway riders. Most of my photos connected with this effort were blurry because I had to be nonchalant about snapping the shutter. I didn’t look through the viewfinder and, back in […]


The underground world of New York City’s subways is black and white. Even though my sample size is small (based on my photographs of the past two days: Underground at Union Square, The Other Side), I am sure this is a fact. However, entryways to this twilight world can be very colorful indeed.

The Other Side

I loved the intricate tilework built-in to many of New York City’s subway stations. Occasionally there are tile failures, as illustrated in today’s entry of my Subway Series. Some failures could be avoided. In this case, I would fault the decision to build a wall that blocks the view of the platform on the other side of […]

Underground at Union Square

Underground passageways have been a theme of my dreams since childhood. One source of this dream content (in addition to the contribution of general psychological factors) could be a trip to see the Yankees at Yankee Stadium with my dad when I was a kid. We saw Mickey Mantel, Yogi Berra, Roger Maris and company play. They […]

Succulent, the Next Stage

Yesterday I tried out my watercolor pencils by sketching a pot full of succulents on the back porch. The result was nice, although the overall tonal range was rather flat. In today’s rendition, I began with black ink and penned the bottom parts of the leaves. I painted in the pointed tops with red paint, to represent […]

Watercolor Penciled Succulent

I wanted to paint with my watercolors today but I had to work in the bedroom. I dusted off my watercolor pencils, that I haven’t used very much. Earlier, I used a 2B pencil to sketch a rescued succulent that I have been nursing to health on the back porch. Below is the first stage […]