Another Day of Travel

I wrote this post earlier, since I am traveling once again, this time, to New Jersey to see Mom and my two brothers. My anxiety level is not too bad, since my wife made prior arrangements for ground travel. I hate doing that kind of thing. I am taking my journal along to jot down […]

Practice Roll

I haven’t shot a roll of film in quite a while. In fact, I had to drive 20 miles from home just to purchase some. Today I went for a walk and took some practice shots. I didn’t trust the in-camera meter reading, so I brought along my hand-held meter. I haven’t used that in […]


Touching has always been an issue for me. I don’t exactly know why. I want to explore touching in the context of autism. My older brother has a diagnosis of autism and profound retardation he is also nonverbal. His hands are delicate. He often holds them in a position, not unlike the way some people […]


Muscle practice “Practice makes perfect,” Dad used to say… or maybe it was, “Get upstairs and practice your violin now!”  It could have been both. He did have a point, though. Careful repetition of muscle movements will enable the unconscious to take over and one will not have to think of where to place a […]

Work in Progress

I had an idea yesterday, while watching a movie on TV. In the background, was a stylized portrait that was somewhat Picasso-like. I had just been reading about Francis Bacon (see yesterday’s blog) so I was sensitive to the power of art. I have been drawing for quite a while, but hardly ever do I […]

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