Work in Progress

I had an idea yesterday, while watching a movie on TV. In the background, was a stylized portrait that was somewhat Picasso-like. I had just been reading about Francis Bacon (see yesterday’s blog) so I was sensitive to the power of art.

I have been drawing for quite a while, but hardly ever do I attempt a conceptual piece. I am happy if I can draw something recognizable from a scene in front of me. I pay attention to shadows, edges and shapes.

In my drawing below, I wanted to picture my brother behind an barrier. Mike is low functioning, autistic and nonverbal. I have often thought of the infinitely thin, impermeable membrane that separates us. Since I have taken hundreds of rolls of photographs of him, to try getting closer, I thought it fitting that it should provide the pictorial element dividing us.

I spoke yesterday about art being one form of activity that can expand the vocabulary and the breadth that language can communicate. Although my amateurish portrait of my brother and me by no means expands any artistic horizons, it holds the promise of enabling me to express myself in pictorial shorthand. It is a work in progress. I hope to pursue this line of expression. Stay tuned.

line drawing portrait of mike and me

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