Another Day of Travel

I wrote this post earlier, since I am traveling once again, this time, to New Jersey to see Mom and my two brothers. My anxiety level is not too bad, since my wife made prior arrangements for ground travel. I hate doing that kind of thing.

I am taking my journal along to jot down some notes about my trip, observations and any pearls of wisdom that might pop into my mind.

I did want to post a few water colors of William that I painted. After visiting the Art Institute, I am a little hesitant to display my amatuerishness. However, you can see the progression in the three paintings. I need to practice quite a bit more, but there is something recognizable about these portraits. The original snapshot is below:

William with an expression of anticipation.

My watercolors:

Three Watercolors of William

Needs a lot of work, I know.


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