Earthy Tree

I tried using terra verte again today (see Proto Nebula). It covered so lightly that I had to use the much heavier chromium green for any pigment to appear. I started today’s painting with three main patches of color: an upper and lower patch of red iron oxide, a reddish earth tone that covers the […]

Proto Nebula

I really enjoy science fiction. I watch and re-watch the 20+ year old Star Trek series Voyager and Next Generation. I like the graphic representations of nebulae of deep space. Today’s watercolor, just as yesterday’s, is a mixture of subtle earth tones and cobalt blue. I began with terra verte, a very light, earthy green. […]

Terra Verte and the Earth Tone Sunset

Today’s watercolor experiment: I have always wanted to pay more attention to the Terre Verte pigment. Thus far I have found it to be…. um… to put it kindly…. anemic. No matter how much Terre Verte I put on my brush, it seemed to disappear as soon as I applied it to the paper.  Today would […]