Doc’s Office

I’m back to pencil drawing for a while. I used the doctor’s office as the subject of today’s sketch. There was a range of tones, from the darkest of the television screen and door to the white of the book case.

Line Design

Some parking lots have double lines that delimit parking spaces. This gives a properly-parked driver comfort that his (or her) door will not be bashed by another parker who pays attention to lines. The white line with the hairpin turn in the photo below, lies on two different substrates: asphalt and concrete.  The composition is […]

That’s What I’m Talking About

Today’s watercolor experiment: Yesterday I briefly talked a little bit about the difference between photography and painting, the way I see it. I take some photographs as reference, intended to be used as the basis of a painting, and others as photographs. My artwork used to be exclusively photography, back in the days of film. But […]

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