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I have been having a great time inking and painting small-scale architectural sketches of interesting buildings I photographed during my walks around New York City (Sea Food Building, The Beer and Soda Building, Clock Building, Studio School Building).

However, I do miss painting abstracts in a larger format (Abstract 062415, Abstract 053015, Abstract with Film, Abstract with India Ink).

Today’s watercolor experiment:

The photograph of the storefront below inspired me to make a transition from my representational building sketches back to the abstract paintings.

Photograph: Storefront in Color

Storefront Colors – Reference Photo

The red panel caught my eye. The geometry of the rest of the storefront reminded me (rightly or wrongly) of Mondrian.

Watercolor: Abstract - Mondrian Storefront

Storefront Abstract
12″x16″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I painted the essential landmarks of the photograph to create today’s study. The photograph and the painting have the same visual elements. I wonder if an observer, not seeing the reference photograph, would think of a storefront.

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