One thing about being in the hospital, even as a visitor: there is a better than even chance you will catch something while you are there. This happened to me after Joy had to stay overnight at hospital and I stayed there with her.  I spent most of the day today tending my runny nose, coughing and feeling puny. I took a lot of vitamin C and rested. My sleep was problematic, as it was rife with vivid dreams, variations of my usual bothersome themes.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

My watercolor study today is a ‘snapshot’ of my desk in all its disorganized glory. Usually it is much neater than today, but I haven’t had the time nor the inclination to put it in order. The state of my desk is a perfect metaphor for my physical and mental state.


I started out with a light pencil sketch of my desk and all its jumbled content. However, I changed my mind and used my 2B pencil to draw heavy outlines of all the objects. My plan was to create an abstract-ish study of my disorganization by approximating shapes and colors. The relationships among the objects on the desk is more or less faithful to reality.

Watercolor: Pencil and Watercolor of Messy Desk

Desk in Studio
9×12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


The disorganization that this study portrays is a good indicator of my inner mental condition. The study is not so abstract that the objects are unrecognizable. The jumbled arrangement defines disorganization. As is, this study is neither realistic nor abstract. I would like to take this composition a step further toward the abstract and represent desktop objects as pure form and color. I would like to distill it to the essence of distracted disorganization, and add to my repertoire of visual portrayals of mental states (see, ‘Thought‘, ‘Sleep‘, ‘Day Dreaming‘).

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