Grid Position No. 3

The study below is in position #3 of my crumpled-paper grid. We’re starting to round the corner and start onto the second row. Even though this piece is directly adjacent to the artwork in Grid Position No. 2, it has a different palette and a different feel. The charcoal lines mark the ridges of the rumpled paper, giving […]

The Grid

I wanted to paint something big, but I have all these small, crumpled sheets of paper around my studio. I crumpled up a whole book of paper for my Crumplers and Scratchers series. I taped as many of these small (8″x5.5″), crumpled sheets as I could on a plywood board I use for stretching underweight watercolor […]

Grid Position No. 1

I started on the upper left side of the grid from my other post today (see The Grid), and numbered each in a counter-clockwise direction, spiraling into the center. Below is the first painting in this series of eleven. Before dis-assembling the grid, I rubbed the entire assembly with charcoal to accentuate the high points […]

Signifying Nothing

I started today by trying to sketch a two dimensional representation of a hyperbolic parabola. When I was a kid, my dad brought me a fiberglass model of this shape. He told me that it had the same form as that of a saddle. Unfortunately, my sketch didn’t work as I intended. I used my compass to draw […]

Cross Section

Today’s watercolor was an experiment with curves and a plane. I began with a free-form pencil sketch with certain shapes in mind. Then I created a plane superimposed on the design, that appears to recede into the paper. To do this, I drew a grid with non-parallel lines and used cool colors to represent the areas furthest from […]

Cyclopean Vision

This is the next in my ‘grid series’ (see Seeking Inspiration, Abstract with Grids and Circles, Harlequin Pattern, Planes, Grids and Curves). This time I worked backwards from an idea. Instead of drawing random lines and grids, I drew two sets of ‘V’s, apex down. The area within each ‘V’ represents the field of vision […]

Screen View

I have recovered from my disastrous screen printing experiment of the other day. Today’s watercolor experiment: Recap: Here is a recap, to bring those of you who do not know of the above, less-than-successful (ok, totally unsuccessful) attempt  to make a watercolor of the fig tree in our back yard, as seen through the screen in […]

Dot Matrix

Today’s watercolor experiment:  I practiced a bit more with inks on watercolor paper today. The grid I drew was to be the framework for a series of drips. Although I was careful in my draftsmanship, I threw caution to the wind after flooding the entire rough-surfaced paper with water. My first drip, burnt sienna (I was mistaken yesterday […]

Reading Art Books

As part of my quest to find the best way to express myself visually, I have been reading some of the art books that I have accumulated over the years. I must admit that, for the most part I have only looked at the pictures. Of course, the best way to see paintings and other […]