Another Leaf

I think The Healing Garden gardener is correct: Arthur, my pet avocado sapling is irretrievable. I’m going to probably chronicle Arthur’s demise, since I did all I could to revive him. Is that wrong? It probably isn’t for a plant.  The animal kingdom is probably different. Some would say it is definitively wrong to chronicle the […]

Sticky Mike

The pictures below are among the first I took of my brother Mike in my adult life. I started taking his picture on his 40th birthday at the Developmental Center. I wanted, somehow, to document his life, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to do it. I wanted to include relationships between Mike and the […]

Private Moment

Back to the archives During the early 1990s, I visited my brother [1] quite a lot. At that time, I was getting reacquainted with him, learning about photography in order to capture moments with him, and learning more about the dynamics of how the other members of my family interacted. I would copy the day’s events […]