Deco Stools at Railway Station

Every time I see an arrangements of chairs, benches or other apparatus used for sitting, I take note with my camera. Here are some other examples: Park Bench Series No. 1, Park Bench Series No. 2, Park Bench Series No. 3, Bench Series No. 4, Bench Series No. 5, Bench Series No. 6, Bench Series No. 7,  Bench […]

Bench Series, No. 15: Opulent Bench

Back at the car wash today. The waiting room had a very cushy bench that I couldn’t pass up. See these posts for the other benches in the series: Bench Series No. 1; Bench Series No. 2, Bench Series No. 3, Bench Series No. 4, Bench Series No. 5, Bench Series No. 6, Bench Series No. 7, Bench Series No. 8, Bench Series […]

Bench Series No. 8: Corner Bench

This is the 8th entry of my ‘Bench’ series. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is long, and configured in an ‘L’ shape. I couldn’t get a geometric, drafting-board worthy shot. I was able to echo the arrangement of the bench with the shadow from the roof.

Bench Series No. 6

The benches at the medical center campus I visited today seem much more uncomfortable than those at bus stops. This one is, effectively, a simple slab of stone. The seating area is very wide; too wide for anyone to sit back, which is probably for the best, as there is no backstop against which to […]

Bench Series No. 5

After I took the photo featured in yesterday’s blog post (Bench Series No. 4), I turned to resume my walk and encountered the bench pictured below. It was in front of a fast food restaurant. I’m sure it was designed especially for that environment. Note the metallic construction and the perforated surface. Easy to hose […]

Park Bench Series No. 3

This is the third photograph in my Park Bench Series. Like the others (Park Bench Series No. 1, Park Bench Series No. 2) it is perched on the shore of the same body of water.  It has a taller stance than the others, perhaps to see over the weeds that may obstruct the view.  

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