Sketch Book Series: Flight 173 (May 2009)

I usually had a proper ink sketching pen handy everywhere I went. However, I must not have had one available for this one below. One must make do with whatever is available when the urge to sketch arises.

Beauty Parlor Waiting

Its a good thing I had my Deluxe Swiss Army knife with me today.  I was waiting for Joy in the beauty parlor, all ready to sketch but could not find my drawing pen anywhere. BUT, my Deluxe Swiss Army knife had a pen! It was nothing to speak of, just a ball point pen […]


I forgot everything today: my lunch, my sketch pad and my drawing implements. I’m glad they sell pads at work. I didn’t want to buy another pencil set so I borrowed a ball point from the ones they keep around the help desk. Below is a rendering of the first baby I ever saw at […]

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