Person Walking: Semi Blind Drawing

One of the problems blind drawing presents is the re-placement of the tip of the pen after drawing a contour. It takes a good deal of skill to complete an outline in which the starting point coincides with the end point. Even if one accomplishes this, lifting the pen point from the drawing surface removes […]

One-And-A-Half Blind Drawings

I began a series of blind drawings. This is a technique whereby one does not look at the paper when sketching the subject. I try to use my eye to trace the contour of the figure I am drawing whilst moving my pen point across the paper. The hope is to link the eye movement […]

Very-Much-Prettier-in-Person Woman and Boyfriend

Intimidation?  Possibly.  I am always wary of someone protesting my sketching, particularly when I’m sitting directly across from them. No one has every said a thing. This woman was so pretty that maybe I didn’t want to stare. I did her an injustice.

Sketch of Man Interrupted by Another Man

I don’t know how many times I’ve started to sketch when another person interrupted the line of sight between my subject and me. Rather than start again, I usually try to draw the second subject, overlapping with the original one. This is harder than it looks; contour lines of the background figure are a source […]