Very-Much-Prettier-in-Person Woman and Boyfriend

Intimidation?  Possibly.  I am always wary of someone protesting my sketching, particularly when I’m sitting directly across from them. No one has every said a thing. This woman was so pretty that maybe I didn’t want to stare. I did her an injustice.

Sketch: Pen and Ink - Very-Much-Prettier-in-Person Woman and Boyfriend

Very-Much-Prettier-in-Person Woman and Boyfriend
Pen and Ink Sketch
10″x8″ Moleskin Journal

6 thoughts on “Very-Much-Prettier-in-Person Woman and Boyfriend

  1. No one cares if you sketch them in public. You don’t need permission. They might care if you take a photo. They can’t feel someone is watching them either. It’s natural to look around when you’re eating because it’s an instinct left over from the cave man days which protected people from losing their food to scavengers. My tip is, listen to an iPod so you feel less self conscious when you sketch from life in a public place. Your favorite music can take you into your own separate place but you will still be able to observe people and draw.

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