Today’s abstract is in the style of the paintings of the past couple of days (After Kandinsky, Abstract 012816).

I began with a lemon yellow wash and blended it toward cadmium red light with transparent earth yellow as an intervening pigment. The curved blended border influenced my free-hand line drawings.

Watercolor : Abstract with Line Drawings

12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

This composition works in portrait format as well as landscape, as pictured above. I like the landscape arrangement since it somewhat minimizes the anthropomorphic character of the lines.

Nevertheless, I entitled this piece ‘phobia’ based on the single green spot, the sharp lines emanating therefrom, and their relationship to the more distant curved lines. The term ‘phobia’ does not necessarily imply a human feeling or emotion. It can characterize the behavior of inanimate substances; for example water-repelling substances are ‘hydrophobic’.

But, since this is an abstract rendering, the reader is free to ascribe any meaning at all to this study.

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