Abstract 012816

Today’s watercolor is a variation of yesterday’s, which was inspired by Kandinsky’s line drawings in front of a colorful background. As with my abstract of yesterday, I began with two lines intersecting at 90 degrees. I ended each line with a flourish, with the aid of a compass and added another concentric arc.

Yesterday I did not intend for the overall effect to resemble a face, but indeed it did.  Today’s watercolor contains the same elements as yesterday. I interrupted the general color gradient on one side of the two intersecting lines by painting a monotonic red abutting this border.

Watercolor: Abstract with Linear Figures

Abstract 012816
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

It is not difficult to imagine a face in this composition. A different choice of icons and line combinations should remedy this situation. I have some other variations in mind.

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