I am reading a lot about memory. An integral link in the chain of the process that is memory lies deep in the brain. It is called the hippocampus. It looks like a sea horse, which is also known as hippocampus (hippos – Greek for horse and kampos – Greek for sea monster). The cloud […]

Accented Tree

My original thought when I saw this cloud/tree combination was “Tree’s Bright Idea”, to compliment a previous post Palm Tree’s Sudden Idea. But somehow that caption did not quite fit. “Treesplanation Mark” also did’t work either. “Accented Tree” seemed like the perfect title.

Giant Clouds Dwarfing the Landscape

The scale of the clouds attracted me at first. Then it was the depth. There are dark grays in front of lighter grays; whites abutting grays; hard outlines against the blue sky and misty whites that dissolve. A recreation of this scene in pen or pencil would be a good way to expand drawing skill […]