Brother Mike in Trouble

My older brother Mike doesn’t know he’s in trouble. Mike is low functioning, autistic and has never spoken. He is inwardly directed, if that concept even makes sense for him. I spent many years trying to understand my brother and, I don’t know him any better than I did 60 years ago. Mike breathes in […]

Processing Christmas (PC): Santa Came and Went. Recovering

I did a lot of drawing during the Christmas holiday. The process of preparing and sharing them will help me process that time with family. The sketch below shows some of us relaxing after Santa came and went.

Last Night at Mom’s

This is my last night of my visit to see Mom. I flew in from California for her 90th birthday. I hadn’t been to see her in quite a while, and it is getting more and more difficult to talk with her on the phone. She doesn’t hear too well. I mentioned in another post that […]

Processing and Happy Birthday

Process prior to writing: Yesterday, I blogged about my mother’s 90th birthday party, the passage of time, and how things change. I alluded to a strange quality of my visit. I have found that it is nearly impossible to write well about things that I haven’t fully processed; this is particularly true about ongoing situations. Sometimes I need to […]

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