Light Cover

I saw this metal plate on the sidewalk the other day. The oblong cut-out covered a light bulb. I didn’t look closely, but there must have been a reflector or a lens to focus or direct the light to its intended target. I must make a point to go back at night, when it is […]

Iron Works in Dappled Sun

Another street-level photograph. I caught this manhole cover just as the sun was coming through the trees. The matrix of squares that adorns the central portion of this large round plate made it easier to quickly line up a perfectly centered photo (before I got run over).  I like the way the blue reflected light […]

A Little Off

This is the fresh-water version of my sewer picture from the other day (Sewer Askew). In that post I rued the misalignment of the entitled sewer cover with the its surrounding concrete in which it was mounted. Today I saw this water line access cap. As with the sewer cap title, it is also not […]

Iron Plate

Among the objects I seek out when walking are manhole covers and other iron plates that cover accessways to public utilities. I’ve encountered many interesting sewer covers, manhole covers, grates, etc. I don’t know what the plate below was protecting, but I do know who made it. I love the lettering that identifies the foundry.

Sewer Askew

Apparently, the people who have a penchant for order (i.e., centering things, arranging dollar bills to face the same way or, putting them in sequence of serial number (or Federal Reserve Bank from which they originated)), were not on duty when this sewer cap was installed. When I took the photo, I squared up the […]

Manhole Eclipse, Eclipsed

Update to Partial Eclipse, Manhole Edition: I blasted off a couple of shots of these utility covers, while on a walk with family. In this photograph, I wasn’t quick enough. The two images as a sequence shows that one shot is not always enough. Take many pictures, film (I mean digital storage) is cheap.

Partial Eclipse – Manhole Edition

Before I realized the solar eclipse was coming, I came across these two manhole covers. Actually, they are probably only circular utility service covers. I liked the way they looked, but I was walking with a group of people and only had a hot second to get the shot. I probably couldn’t have gotten both […]