Kiwi Leaf, Enlarged

I don’t know if a kiwi tree resembles the pattern on its leaf. I rather think a kiwi ‘tree’ is more like a vine, as I took this photo inside an arbor, densely packed with leaves and  branches. What a delicious thought… a kind of ‘ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny’, only instead of a series of forms […]

Group 17: Old Experiments Not Yet Cataloged for Sale

Below is the seventeenth  group of watercolors that I painted for earlier posts in this blog. The paintings below are still lifes (still lives?). I painted these in my ‘fruit period’. Originally posted on March 22, 2014 (Not Done with Symmetry Yet):   Originally posted on March 27, 2014 (Moving On): Originally posted on April 2, 2014 (Kiwi […]

Kiwi From Another Planet

I ended up throwing the decaying kiwi away shortly after I sketched it. But I had another one that I sketched on one or two occasions; I wanted to see what it looked like inside. Today’s study I was fairly certain that this kiwi was not grown near a nuclear plant, but rather was an alien. It must […]

Under the Wire

Today was another busy day. I was busy for hours longer than I thought I would be, although there was no emergency like the other day, when we had to go to the hospital.  It is enough to say that the 8 hour job for which I was hired, turned into a 14 hour day. Not that […]

Grocery Store Surprise

Having barely recovered from the shock of absence of Dragonfruit in the produce store, imagine my delight as I walked into the grocery store and saw this: This is a Kiwano, or Horned Melon. (Good substitute for Dragonfruit, don’t you think, Liz and Woman Unadorned?)  It is hard to tell from the sketch, but those […]

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