Under the Wire

Today was another busy day. I was busy for hours longer than I thought I would be, although there was no emergency like the other day, when we had to go to the hospital.  It is enough to say that the 8 hour job for which I was hired, turned into a 14 hour day. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I love working. It’s just that I am butting up against my blog deadline again.

I did notice that one of the pieces of fruit that I have in my studio seemed to display the feelings I have now, after a long hard day. It is the companion kiwi to one I tried to paint weeks ago.

I know that a desiccated plum is a prune, and a dried grape is a raisin. Is there a name for a dried out kiwi? That is what I chose as my watercolor study tonight.

Today’s study

I could have picked an easier fruit. Kiwis are tough enough when they’re fresh. It is so hard to get the correct coloration, and the fuzz? Forget it. It’s nearly impossible to convey the fuzziness, unless I were to paint it on velvet, but that’s so tacky.

So today’s watercolor sketch is a representation of my ancient, wrinkled, nearly twin kiwi. I don’t know about you, but most kiwis I’ve seen are spheroid in shape. It looks like the one I sketched below was in the process of becoming two spheroid kiwis, or it was harvested near a nuclear plant somewhere.

Watercolor Sketch - Wrinkled, Nearly Twin, Kiwi

Wrinkled, Nearly Twin, Kiwi
5″x7″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

Tomorrow I hope to do something more inspired.


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