It Was a Long Day

I missed my midnight deadline for this daily post. We didn’t even get home until after midnight. Today (I mean yesterday, the 16th) was the day before William’s 2nd birthday. William is my grandson. We went to Disneyland to celebrate.

Fun has been on my mind, anticipating our SoCal visit. In my blog post the other day, I chatted with Sidra, my granddaughter, about what are fun things she does. We concluded that fun at Disneyland consists of ‘doing things’, while the fun she has with her Shopkins (a set of collectible ‘everyday things with faces on them’, a ‘fad of today’ according to Sidra), consists of playing pretend with them.

I never really considered myself to be a ‘fun’ guy. That, in itself is a story for another post. But I did have some fun at Disneyland. Although I don’t usually go on rides as I am an adrenaline avoider (as opposed to an adrenaline junkie), I gave it a try. It was a race-car ride. It actually was a lot of fun. Still, it was passive. The car we were ‘racing’ in was doing everything to us. We were just in the car. But some amount of adrenaline flushed through my body as a result of the ups and downs and banked curves of the race course.

All things considered, I still need to do some more research about having fun.

I don’t know exactly how to classify the moment pictured below. It wasn’t exactly ‘fun’, but I loved it. I was giving William a ride on my shoulders as we were waiting on line. Someone said, “Give Zayde [that’s me] a kiss.”  I thought he would just kiss my bald head, but he reached around to give me a real kiss.

Photograph: Will and Me on Line at Bug Ride

Will and Me

It was probably the best moment of the day.


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