Rust on Vermilion

While my Blue Streak was drying, I painted another streak, this time it was vermilion. Again, I painted a white wash before I applied the color; again, the overlying coat of color went on very smoothly.

I overpainted the vermilion red form with a coarse wash of red iron oxide. The transparent nature of this wash allowed the vermilion to come through. I outlined the bottom of the red with a lemon yellow.

Across the top of the red, I painted watery square brushstrokes of neutral tint. They dripped down over the red and yellow, following their contours slightly, as if there was some kind of attraction between the drip and the underlying form.

Watercolor: Abstract - Vermilion on White with Iron

Vermilion on White with Iron
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

This piece looks as if it is a cross between an analog and a coarse digital rendering. Or hair dye gone terribly wrong. (Maybe I can resolve the latter issue by changing the orientation to portrait.)

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