Blue Streak

I love to peruse the magazine section when I go to a bookstore. I gravitate toward the watercolor magazines and buy one now and then. However, I find that I rarely read them once I get home. Just as “writer’s block” is a phenomenon that inhibits writing, I’m sure that there is an equivalent circumstance that prevents a reader from reading. I think it is very specific in my case. I find it overwhelming: to get tips from experts; to see who is the latest champion painter; to read about everyone’s humble beginnings, or the 12 year old who can paint a crystal chandelier with full resolution of its candle-lit grandeur.

That being said, I’m going one step at a time. I was able to open one magazine and read one article. It provided a tip about how to get glowing colors. It was something that I never would have thought up myself: begin by covering the entire paper with a white wash!

This was how I began today’s study. I only washed half the paper with white though. I noticed how smoothly the blue covered the white underlay. Painting blue over the unwashed paper did not feel the same, nor did it look the same.

I decided to make this piece about the blue streak itself. I isolated it with an orange surround, to pop it out of the paper; I provided texture with square brush strokes above the orange field; below the orange I created subdued tones by mixing blue with orange and yellow.

One can see a remnant of the blue streak that I applied without benefit of white underwash, just below the midline of the paper.

Watercolor: Abstract - Blue Streak on White

Blue Streak on White
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


5 thoughts on “Blue Streak

  1. It’s experimental. Like a Healing Garden. In the experience of penetrating to the essence, the non essential falls away (hopefully) with practice. We become indispensable because we express the essential of our experience, which no one else can do so consistently well.
    Self discovery as the process of letting go some patterns for self-correction, is creatively fruitful for me. Fearsome because routine is the glue that holds it all together. Losing sight of the shore to discover new lands. Maybe not that dramatic. Although I do not know for sure what discoveries await. Letting go allows the Garden to grow. So to speak. — THGg

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      • Well enough I wake up and do not read my name in the obits. Looking forward here to reading over your experiment(s). I discover much. Pavlov had a client who refused to read glossy watercolor mags. He would send him home with magazines and a pint of Ben & Gerry’s. Watercoloring instead is more low glycemic. Good job.

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