Washes and Blots

Another watercolor experiment:

In Lesson 11 I explored how John Sell Cotman built his pictures by adding washes. I showed this in stages.  I never quite got the chance to proceed past the warm-up stage. All my experimentation was done on small panels. I learned how to make different marks in the lessons that highlighted the work of Alexander Cozens. I tried to put both techniques to use in the composition below.

This experiment is a full-size rendition of an imaginary bridge with a mountain in the background, flanked by trees.

Watercolor: Bridge Inspired by Cotman with Trees inspired by Cozens

Imaginary Bridge
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I used the brushstrokes that I practiced in my warm up exercises to form believable trees. I used the technique of scraping paint from the paper while it was still wet, to form the trunks of the trees.  I also built up washes to form the mountains, the bridge, the water and the shadows.

I am quite pleased that I was able to integrate techniques learned in different lessons, into one composition.


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