I’m going to take a break from trying to pick a philosophy of life. If I’ve waited this long, it doesn’t really matter if I take a little longer. I suppose that I actually have one by default, but I couldn’t tell you exactly what it is.

Here is a partial list of some, perhaps disconnected, hopefully not self-incompatible, points that make up my philosophy:

  • I don’t believe that there is a supreme, supernatural being;
  • Life has no inherent meaning; meaning is imparted to it by each individual;
  • Biology plays a big part in determining what a person is;
  • A person can, with help if necessary, overcome some biological/mental difficulties;
  • Art and science approach the same problems of life from different perspectives;
  • There is no mind/body dualism;
  • There are some things that cannot be known;
  • That which we don’t know is quantum physics.


The main focus of my blog thus far, has been about how having an autistic brother affected me, with the hope that my perspective would be helpful to other siblings and to parents of autistic kids who would like to hear a sibling’s point of view.

My original goal was to blog about this subject every day for an entire year. During the past 11 months, I have remained pretty well focused on autism and related topics. I presented my methods of trying to come to terms with the effect Michael, my older autistic brother had on me. I posted essays and thoughts that I wrote at different times in my life.

I never knew if Mike knew that I was his brother. He was, and is profoundly retarded and has never spoken. I investigated my relationship with him through photography and the minute examination of those slices of time to see on a microscopic level, if there indeed was a relationship at all.

I do not deal with autism on a daily basis, as many of my readers do. In fact I had not seen my brother for a number of years ago, until last month. Together with my younger brother and my mother, we went to visit Mike at his geriatric group home. The revelation that he still did not know any of his family was a bit of a shock to me, although it shouldn’t have been. Mike seems happy enough with the other clients and staff of his group home. That is his life.

It is time that I got on with my own.


I would like to shift the focus of my blog to highlight some of my creative pursuits, based on the totality of people who have influenced me, not just my brother Michael.

I think I will always tend to see things through the lens of a sibling of an autistic brother. However, unless there is an obvious connection to autism, I will try leaving that in the background.

I expect to become more involved in the art world as a docent in a local art museum as well as returning to sketching, painting and of course writing.

I am still very interested in neuroscience, the brain and consciousness. I expect to be blogging about these subjects as well. I also expect to present summaries of topics from a basic neuroanatomy textbook that I have been working on for a number of years with Andrew Lautin, M.D.



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