White Paper Syndrome

Well, it happened. I lost the war with my blank slate today. I had some ideas, but I couldn’t get them on paper to my satisfaction. My train of thought had been in the direction of trying to visually depict mental states. I didn’t seem to have problems with sleep, dreaming or thought (see my Sleep, Day […]

Arthur On His Own

Arthur, my pet avocado tree has been having a hard time. I planted him the other day, but he almost immediately began wilting and turning brownish.  So I pulled him out (carefully) and put him back in the Mason jar. Of course I had to use new tooth picks, so he wouldn’t fall in. The […]

My Proposal

Facial expressions When I started visiting my brother more regularly, I tried to think of what I could do to help. Mike is low functioning, autistic and nonverbal, so he cannot contribute much to his own care. The only evidence of how he feels is through his behavior. I had been thinking about making a […]

Reading Faces

I just got Unmasking the Face[1] today. One of the authors, Dr. Paul Ekman was a consultant for the TV show, ‘Lie to Me’, about a deception expert. I am excited for a several reasons: 1) maybe this book will help me better understand what people are feeling by learning the secrets of expressions, hidden […]

Micro Expressions

This is a photograph of me as a kid. Actually, it is a photograph from one of my family’s 8mm home movies, which was converted to videotape, played back on a raster television monitor and paused on this frame. I don’t remember what I was feeling at that particular moment and request your assistance in […]