Seated Man and Mistake Rectified by Parallel Lines

I couldn’t draw myself out of the error I made with the tilt of the man’s head, in the drawing below. But I could, with shading. At first I drew the head with the chin jutting out. In fact, it was tucked in. I darkened the line of the correctly-drawn chin, but I had to […]

Coloring Adventure’s First Big Mistake

I am getting ready to add color to my sketches. The other day I added watercolor to my sketch of the backyard. Aside from the resulting water-curled pages, the experiment was successful. After I sketched the man at the table (see below), I used Copic markers to add color. I read that Copic markers are […]

Arthur Update

Longtime readers might remember Arthur, my avocado tree. I did quite a number of watercolors whilst he was growing, from baby pictures when he was still on the bottle (the link is actually to Arthur Jr.’s baby picture), to the first attempted planting, to the time when I was able to sit under him in […]