The management at Mike’s group home assessed him in terms of his capability to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Mike is my older brother who is autistic, very low functioning and has never spoken.

Here is Mike’s basic status:

mike in shower with assistantMichael requires some assistance when using the toilet. He requires assistance in flushing the toilet after use, putting his clothes on and washing his hands. Mike requires assistance to bathe/shower himself. He cooperates when being washed and dried. Michael makes no attempts to brush his teeth and requires assistance in maintaining oral hygiene.


Dad helping Mike brush his teeth

Assistant helping Mike get dressedMichael requires assistance to dress/undress himself. He cooperates when being dressed by extending arms or legs. He is able to undress himself with assistance in unfastening and pulling or taking off most clothes. Michael is able to feed himself with a spoon with considerable spilling. He uses a mat to keep the dinner service from moving and a high-sided dish to aid with spooning the food.

He drinks from cup or glass unassisted with considerable spilling. Michael demonstrates very few domestic skills. He attempts to take his mat to the sink after meals. For the most part, Michael relies on others to take care of his needs.

Mike eating with help

Illustrative photographs

It was a privilege to be allowed access to document some of my brother’s daily life. I have to say though, it wasn’t easy being a fly on the wall. The dynamics in a group home can be distracting and confusing at times. Taking photographs illustrating Mike’s daily activities was a much more manageable task than looking for nonexistent or barely existent relationships with him.


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